The Unusual Heermann’s Gull

So I was reading an article about unusual migration patterns in certain birds from the All About Birds blog (produced by Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and saw that there was an unusual seagull listed. The Heermann’s Gull is pretty easy to spot among other seagulls since it’s beautiful charcoal color stands out in sharp contrast too all the other white seagulls.

Since we were down at Bull Taco anyways, I thought why not walk along the beach and see if I could see any of these unusual gulls. The beach was WAY crowded so the birds were pretty much non-existent but we managed to find one spot on the beach that they were congregating. My dad took a couple of shots.

We also took a couple of shots of the other gulls in the area. I’m unsure what this juvenile to the right is, I would assume a California Gull but who knows. Young seagulls all look the same to me.

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