New hummingbird feeder

After less than a day hanging up in the backyard, my hummingbird feeder already has epic hummingbird battles going on. This little Anna’s hummingbird has decided that I’m in his turf and has been harassing any other hummers that come near. It’s not stopping them, but this little guy was in my backyard almost continuously for the last three hours. Since he hung out so long, I managed to get some great shots even though it was raining or overcast the whole time.

2 thoughts on “New hummingbird feeder

  1. Thanks! This little guy is so protective of the feeders that he’s around a lot of the time. He’s just getting used to me being in the backyard so I can get a little closer than I used to. Plus… I have a 60x zoom, which always helps. 🙂


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