Owl love you always

Owl love you

I’m still trying to develop my sketching style and I think I might have settled on something that I really like. I start out with a very basic pencil sketch, then I do an outline and fill in the lines with a Micron pens. After that, I erase the original pencil sketch and then go back over the other lines to make them darker and to give it a sketchier feeling. I add color with the Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils by pulling the color directly off of them with an Aquash Water Brush instead of sketching the color directly to the page. You end up getting a more subtle color, but it allows for better gradients.

Supplies used: Sakura Micron Ink PensPrismacolor Watercolor PencilsPentel Arts Aquash Water BrushesMoleskine Art Plus Watercolor Album

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