New Birds

We’ve been having lots of new birds hanging out in the yard because of the fountain. Here are a few.

6 thoughts on “New Birds

  1. Hi JJ, Water is always a great way to attract birds, it is a great asset to have a fountain. Your Phoebe looks a lot like our Restless and Satin Flycatchers, but not as dark in colour, the positioning of colour is almost identical. What does the Phoebe eat? Lovely shots JJ!


    1. In this area we get Black Phoebes (like the one above) and Say’s Phoebes. Both of our phoebes are flycatchers so they eat insects. Around here it seems like they only eat flying insects (gnats, mosquitoes, and flies) instead of ground bugs. They are always doing entertaining aerial shows trying to catch them.

      Your Restless and Satin Flycatchers are really similar! They seem even prettier since they have iridescent black feathers whereas our Black Phoebes are more of a matte black. It’s crazy to see how similar bird species on the other side of the world can be!

      Here’s some more info on the Black and Say’s Phoebes if you’re interested:


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