Uncommonly Common

Proof that somethings are only boring because you are used to them.

O’ahu is covered with these Common Myna, but I had a great time watching them anywhere we happened to be eating outside (they seem smart like grackles and hang around where humans drop food). Toward the end of the trip, the newness of the myna started to wear off and I found myself looking out for other birds instead…which got me thinking how you stop paying attention to things you’re used to and search for new things instead of appreciating what you already have.

A deep thought from just looking at birds.

One thought on “Uncommonly Common

  1. Good pics JJ, Your Common (we call them Indian) Mynas are slightly more handsome and well dressed than ours. The front page of one local paper headlined ‘Myna bird is creating a major problem’. They are a pest here, and driving all our honeyeaters and lovely birds out of the towns and into the bush. They have tried culling them but they multiply too quickly.


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