Red-crested Cardinal

Red-crested Cardinal in O’ahu. I kept thinking it looked like a normal cardinal but it wearing a gray coat and white scarf… because this is how my brain amuses itself.

6 thoughts on “Redhead

    1. Thanks! They are in the tanager family and mostly eat seeds, berries, fruit, and insects. I think the beak is shaped the way it is to crack seeds.

      They are native to South America and have somehow made it to Hawaii. They thrive there well because it’s also tropical/sub-tropical similar to it’s native region.

      Most of the species you will see in Hawaii aren’t native to the area and are pushing out the native species, but this little guys aren’t nearly as bad about it as other species. Hawaii has become super strict on bring animals onto the islands since they spread so quickly in such a small space. They also don’t have rabies so all pets (dogs and cats) have to go through a month long quarantine before owners are allowed to take them home.

      Seems worth it though to maintain paradise!


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