The one-legged Godwit


A Marbled Godwit stands on one leg on the beach.

6 thoughts on “The one-legged Godwit

  1. Beautifully shot JJ, I love these amazing birds. What kind is this one JJ? We have the Bar tailed and Black tailed here at present. The Bar tailed Godwit is the longest flying bird in the world flying non stop from Alaska to New Zealand and Australia over 8 days (16,000 km). This is a very clear shot, they are usually very shy. Did you see my movie of the bar tailed in my previous post ‘The Unexpected Gifts..?


  2. This is a Marbled Godwit.

    They look similar to your godwits! Looking at your videos, they pretty much act the same except the ones here aren’t particularly shy. I pretty much walked right up to these all sleeping in a group on the beach. I was probably five feet away from this one. The beach wasn’t super crowded since we went mid-day mid-week, but there were definitely people walking up and down it.

    It’s hard to find a beach in San Diego that doesn’t have people, so perhaps they just have to get used to it or else they won’t get any food. Californians are pretty eco-conscious, so people here are pretty good about leaving wildlife alone so maybe the godwits don’t feel all that threaten. I was the only one paying any attention to them. Plus, you aren’t allowed to have pets on the beach, so there aren’t any natural predators in this area.

    Or maybe these types of godwits are just lazier! They don’t fly across the globe in 8 days! 🙂


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