A Whimbrel and a Marbled Godwit facing off on the beach. It’s a battle of the long noses.

6 thoughts on “Duel

    1. Most of these guys hang out in the protected lagoons in the area, so you aren’t able to get super close normally… therefore I’m not really sure. You see them all over the place (there are a lot of lagoons!) but only in small flocks of 5-15 birds at a time.

      This flock was on the beach, so I could walk up to them. There were about 10-15 in this particular group and they were the only ones on the beach at the time. Sorry I can’t be more specific. I hope that helps though.


      1. Thanks for the info – appreciate you sharing your observations! We get a few that come through each spring during migration, but it’s usually only a day or two and then their gone.


  1. How blessed you are JJ, to have so many beautiful waders near you. I have to go miles to see waders. Your new camera is performing well for you, your pics are great, or I more to the point your photography is great!;-)


    1. It’s one of the perks of living in San Diego! There are so many lagoons, lakes, and beaches around here that you have shorebirds year-round. San Diego has lots of protected wetlands, which definitely helps the amount of birds in North America since many species stop through here during their migration to Central and South America. Many other coastal cities destroyed their lagoons so we get more birds than we would otherwise.

      It’s part of the reason San Diego County is such an active birding area. We have more bird species (480+) than any other county in the US and we also have more endangered and threatened birds too. I’m incredibly lucky to live here and I’m happy to share all the birds I see with everyone else! 🙂


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