Little Brown Bird

House Finch Sketch

I’ve noticed that I’ve not been sketching as much lately, so I’ve decided to start posting a sketch a week on Wednesdays. I got watercolors for Christmas, so now I’ll be switching back and forth from the watercolor pencils and straight watercolors.

I figured that I would mark the change with the most common bird in my backyard, a House Finch.

Supplies used: Sakura Micron Ink PensPrismacolor Watercolor Pencils , Canson Watercolor Paper Pad

3 thoughts on “Little Brown Bird

  1. Wow, your blog is really amazing! I especially love your watercolor pictures and liked nearly all of them! 😀 I really, really wish I could draw like you; they’re so adorable! My favourites are definitely your owl ones because they’re my favourite animals!

    Thanks for visiting and following our blog! I’m glad our blogs crossed paths ^_^


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