BVAS Bird Count January

Here are a few selections from January’s Buena Vista bird count.

5 thoughts on “BVAS Bird Count January

    1. Allen’s Hummingbirds are kinda rare around here. I only see a handful a year.

      It can be confusing because there is a similar hummingbird called a Rufous Hummingbird. It’s basically impossible to tell them apart unless you have them in your hand and can look at the tail feathers. So, it’s completely possible that this little guy is actually a Rufous, but at this time of year it’s more likely to be an Allens.

      I’m glad you like them! I’m a huge fan too. They are a little more shy than the Anna’s that we normally get but they still have that hummingbird spunk!


    1. They almost don’t look real they are so vivid in person. Their neck feathers are similar to other hummingbirds but they shimmer more red/orange/gold than the others.

      I have some more photos of them HERE if you want to see them. I also took some more of this little guy but I didn’t want to post them all at once. I’ll move up their scheduled posting days so you can see them sooner.


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