Fast Food

Song Sparrow

Watching birds eat from my new feeder reminds me of people eating at a drive thru. They fly up to the little perch, grab a wad of Bark Butter, and fly off. I’m becoming the neighborhood bird McDonalds.

This little guy is a Song Sparrow. Here is a link showing how to tell the difference between a Lincoln’s Sparrow and a Song Sparrow.

2 thoughts on “Fast Food

  1. Nice photo capture- great detail. So many subtle colors and markings in sparrows! That’s a good article from Nemesis Bird as well (I have it bookmarked for reference and usually review it once a year).


    1. Thanks! I’ve been noticing an increase of Song Sparrows in my yard lately so I’ve been referencing that article more and more to just make sure that I’m identifying them correctly. Glad it helps you out too!


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