Protection Works

Female Western Bluebird

There are several conservation groups in California that have been actively working on bringing back the Western Bluebird population. They have been amazingly successful and there has been a huge increase of bluebirds in the area the past two years. It’s wonderful to see how birders can make a difference.

If you want to learn more or help out yourself, here are some links:

Southern California Bluebird Club – Bluebird club focusing specifically on Southern California. Mostly located in Orange County, this group meets regularly to help educate local groups on bluebirds and how to build bluebird birdhouses.

California Bluebird Recovery Program – A non-profit organization affiliated with the Audubon Society to educate the public about how to help out bluebirds.

University of Cornell’s Nestwatch – Help scientists help out baby birds by submitting data about nests you find in your area.

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