Amongst the Reeds

Northern Mockingbird

A Northern Mockingbird grasping onto a reed in a dried-up marsh around Lake Hodges.

4 thoughts on “Amongst the Reeds

    1. They are super fun birds. If you ever see one again, you can whistle a song at it and it will mimic your song back to you. Hence the ‘mocking’ in mockingbird.

      They are actually the basis for the mockingjay in the Hunger Games. I didn’t realize that people didn’t know that mockingbirds will sing your songs back at you like the mockingjays do in the books until the movie came out. Someone I know mentioned that they wished birds did that in real life and I told them that mockingbirds do! I used it to do it all the time when I was a kid. Granted, they don’t do elaborate songs with hundreds of them joining in like in the movie, but an individual bird will mock your song back at you!

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      1. De bec et de plumes

        I didn’t know this anecdote. Interesting.

        I don’t think to see it soon. I live in Guadeloupe now and after I will back to South of France… but in Guadeloupe, we have the Tropical Mockingbird…I don’t know if it can sing like yours.

        Where do you from?


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