Third Wheel

Western Grebes running

A pair of Western Grebes start their famous mating run only to be joined by a third uninvited guest (the one in front).

If you are in the area, Lake Hodges is totally full of Western Grebes running around. It’s amazing to watch, although they are really far away. They are even too far for my Nikon P600 to get a clear shot. This was the only group that was close enough to get a good photo.


2 thoughts on “Third Wheel

    1. It’s pretty amazing. It’s actually really hard to watch because they do it all so quickly. In a flock, most of them are doing the mimicking behavior and then all of a sudden a couple of them will run on the water but just for a few seconds. It’s definitely the most interesting grebe behavior I’ve ever seen. Normally, they are just floating around.

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