Feeling Blue

Blue Grosbeak

Another lifer for me!

This is a Blue Grosbeak. We met a wonderful birding couple on our hike around Lake Hodges. They lived in the area for years and went on the a hike around the lake everyday. When we got to a certain part of the trail, they mentioned that a pair of Blue Grosbeaks hang around there and this one landed on a branch right behind them while they were talking about it. I managed to get one shot before he flew off.

They were so sweet to be excited for us. It was a new bird for everyone in the group and we were thrilled. Birding brings people together. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

    1. I’ve been surprised at how friendly birders are. Being from the South, I just go right up and talk to them and they seem to be friendlier than the average Californian (if you just randomly start talking to them they kinda stare at you funny). I’ve gotten so many good tips about birding in San Diego from just going up to birders when I see them and asking. It’s been really great!

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