Anna's Hummingbird

I took a picture of this hummer at my favorite part of the day, twilight. I was surprised the camera made the background so white, but the lighting was confusing it greatly. Although, I find something interesting about the fact that it’s so light yet you can see the sunset light on the tail feathers. Just a trick of the camera!

2 thoughts on “Twlight

  1. You must have using “centred weighted” metering? That’s why the background is so blown out but to be honest……the Hummer is your primary subject & so you should meter off of it. So the background doesn’t matter.
    This is a adolescent male,but what kind I wonder?
    Good for you to feed your passion!


    1. Thanks for the tip!

      The Nikon CoolPix P600 camera that I use is a fancy version of a point-and-shoot with a 60x zoom lens (not a DSLR) and it doesn’t allow for much manual control so I can’t really do the fancy metering that you’re talking about. I did focus on the bird and this is what the camera decided to do.

      I’m not nearly at your level of photography, but I appreciate your help!

      The bird is a juvenile male Anna’s Hummingbird. I should have said in the post!

      Thanks again for your help.


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