Rustic Blue

Scrub Jay

A Scrub Jay chilling out on a post at Discovery Lake.

3 thoughts on “Rustic Blue

  1. Elaine

    The jays usually go up to the mountains in the summer but we have seen more eating suet and on our lake hodges hikes. They are moulting feathers so mating season must be over.


    1. I’ve noticed several bird species have been hanging around longer than normal this year. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an El Nino year or what.

      How have the birds been at Lake Hodges lately? I haven’t been in a few weeks but I didn’t see a ton (other than Western Grebes which were out in force) when I was there before.


      1. Elaine

        Very few birds at Hodges.Thought it might pick up after the rain. Grebes and egrets are about all. On land we continue to see the roadrunners several times a week. Reports of snakes but we have only seen trails in the sand so watch where you step!


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