Mountain Chickadee

Another shot from my trip to Big Bear. This cute Mountain Chickadee was eyeing me while I sat on the front porch of the amazing cabin we stayed at.



2 thoughts on “Eyebrows

  1. …amazing ‘cabin’ is right! We have these Chickadees here in B. C., but not in the Summer, so I am going to google and find out if they migrate. They are a delight at feeders–not ‘socializers’, they dive in, grab the goods and go pound it open somewhere else, then return. Thank you for this cute shot.


    1. Ah, I didn’t realize that Mountain Chickadees migrated. I’m sure that they must!

      I’m glad you have Chickadees in your area. I’m not used to seeing them in San Diego but they acted just as you described! They don’t hang around long but they always come back a minute later. 🙂


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