Red Cap

Acorn Woodpecker

This cute Acorn Woodpecker looks like he’s wearing a red little cap on his head. That or a really bad toupee. 🙂

Taken in Big Bear

4 thoughts on “Red Cap

    1. I live in San Diego, California but this photo was taken in Big Bear. Big Bear is a vacation destination in the mountains about 3 hours away from San Diego and 2 hours East of Los Angeles. It’s full of tall pine trees and is a big ski area… which is crazy because in 2 hours you can be at the beach! Theoretically, you could surf and ski in the same day. 🙂


  1. Recently visited San Diego for the first time (my son is in the Navy there) and had a great time birding. What a beautiful city and area. I posted an essay about the experience on my blog and hope to go back again before he gets stationed elsewhere. I saw that Acorn WP for the first time up by Napa recently. Great photo.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed San Diego! Many of the San Diego residents start out being stationed here because of the military and end up staying once their service ends. We’re definitely a military town. Who knows, maybe your son will end up back here someday! 🙂

      I love your essay about San Diego. I’m glad to hear that you got a few lifers on the trip. You picked several of my favorite places to bird (Rosecrans National Cemetery and Point Loma) so I’m happy to hear that you saw lots of birds.

      I’m adding to my birding locations page all the time, so check that out next time you visit. If you let me know before you come, I can suggest areas that are especially good for the season. You hit some of my favorites downtown already, but San Diego is full of great places! 🙂


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