Don’t you just love the stripes on it’s face?!? Super cute.

2 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. Connie Gildersleevd

    The beach looks inviting. Nice photo, and thank you for the tips on buying watercolor pencils. Although, I’ve painted for over 25 years (oil, arcrylic, and wax colored pencils), I’ve never tried watercolor. I thought that watercolor pencils should be a good way to begin experimenting with the media of watercolor and less expensive, too. Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. They are definitely the easiest and cheapest way to get into watercolors. All you need is done aquabrushes and you are good to go! They put them on sale all the time at Aaron Brothers, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby so you can get a great deal on them if you keep an eye out.


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