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Prime Day Birding Deals

If you are a fan of Amazon like I am, you might have heard that today is “Prime Day.” Basically, Amazon would like you to get a prime account.

I saw some birding deals, so I thought that I would share. They are lightening deals, so you have to act quickly to use them. I will add more as I see them. Click on the images to be taken to that product on Amazon.

On Sale for $223.99

On Sale for $174.99

On Sale for $20

Sneaky Bandits

I’ve been noticing that lots of my suet and mealworms have been disappearing faster. I’ve been starting to think that something else has been eating on my bird food… so I’ve been keeping an eye out for what it might be and I’ve managed to get some shots of our little thieves. They are so cute, I don’t know if I mind anymore.