Birding Apps

Merlin ID AppMerlin Bird ID – Are you coming unsure of where to start when making an identification? You select options from five questions (location, date, bird size, main colors, and bird behavior) and the app will list what birds fit that description. Each time you use it and confirm the correct bird, it logs your answer so the app keeps getting more and more accurate. Since this app was created by the Cornell Lab, you know it’s good and that you’re supporting bird education. Best app for beginners.

Birds AppAudubon Birds Pro: A Field Guide to North American Birds – If you are looking for an all-purpose birding app, this is it. It has great search features (both by location, shape, family, and name) and detailed information about each bird (with images, range maps, songs, description). You can also search for birds that are similar, so it’s helpful when you are unsure of the identification. It links with eBird, so you can record your birds sightings.

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