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Black-hooded Oriole

Well, looks like all the orioles have moved on. I found this one photo that I hadn’t posted yet, so I thought it could be a tribute to the oriole season being over. As much fun as they have been I’m not sad to see them go. They’ve been going through my nectar so fast and they also scare away all my hummingbirds. I’m hoping that they hummers will return now that all the oriole teenagers are gone.


Pygmy Nuthatch

The way that this Pygmy Nuthatch balances on this branch, it makes it look like it’s made of rope. Reminds me of those scary rickety bridges that they always show in movies like Indiana Jones. Looks like it’s going to collapse at any moment.


White-headed Woodpecker

For some reason this White-headed Woodpecker reminds me of when people mime “walk down stairs” when they are behind a couch.

Also, I wondered if I could find a video on YouTube with someone doing this…. of course I can… it’s the internet!

Vertical Rain


Still part of my photos from Big Bear is this Cassin’s Finch. The light was doing amazing things in the background, including making the pine needles on the tree behind her look like the shine from rain or metal. I just really love the colors happening here, which is nice because little brown birds don’t normally get much play on websites because of their “dullness.”

Seeing this bird made me realize that I don’t know how to tell a female Purple Finch apart from a female Cassin’s Finch, so I found this handy guide online.