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It’s Snowing in Summer

Snowy Egret

A huge flock of Snowy Egrets hanging out out at Lake Hodges. You hardly see them in groups, let alone in a flock this large.

On a random side note, I looked up what a group of egrets is called and here are the options you have: “congregation”, “heronry”, “skewer”, and “wedge.” My favorite? An “RSVP”! What? Is that possibly true? I found this list on multiple sites but I can’t help but wonder if they just are copy and pasted from one source that just made it up.

San Diegutio River

My mom and I showed up on Saturday for the Buena Vista Audubon’s monthly San Diegutio River walk. I had heard from several people at the BV bird count that John is an excellent teacher and birder so we were excited to see how it varied from the BV walk in both birds and in teaching style. We saw Bill there, whom we had met at the BV bird count and we stood around chatting for a while. After 30 minutes, it was clear that the walk wasn’t happening after no one else showed up.

Disappointed but not deterred, my mom and I walked around the river spotting and identifying what birds we could. All we were seeing were hummers and finches, both of which we can see in our backyard, so we decided to head over to the other side of the river thinking we would see more shorebirds closer to the ocean. With it being the height of tourism season, there are too many people to ever see any birds at the ocean. I was hoping that that would mean they would all flock to the lagoons/rivers but alas, there doesn’t seem to be any more than normal. I can’t figure out where they head off to.

Anyways, back to the story. We hit the jackpot at the overlook on the other side, but struck out pretty much everywhere else (we even headed over to San Elijo Lagoon on the way home). Pretty much all of the pictures above are from that outlook, except we saw a kingfisher but I didn’t get a shot of it. My favorite were the Killdeer, but I’m a sucker for any sandpiper because they are so entertaining to watch. The Osprey was pretty awesome too.

I can’t wait for summer to be over and there to be more birds…. and less tourists!

Buena Vista Lagoon Bird Count

This was my second bird count at the Buena Vista Lagoon. There was a great turn out of people compared to last time. Unfortunately, it was really gray and gloomy so there weren’t many birds. We ended up with 49 species compared to last month’s 50, which is great but there just weren’t as many of each species out and about.

Despite the fewer bird numbers, we still had a great time. We met lots of cool new people and I finally learned how to tell the different between a Western Gull and a California Gull so I can’t wait to go to beach. Hope you enjoy the pics and here is a quick video I took of the Snowy Egret.