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Vertical Rain


Still part of my photos from Big Bear is this Cassin’s Finch. The light was doing amazing things in the background, including making the pine needles on the tree behind her look like the shine from rain or metal. I just really love the colors happening here, which is nice because little brown birds don’t normally get much play on websites because of their “dullness.”

Seeing this bird made me realize that I don’t know how to tell a female Purple Finch apart from a female Cassin’s Finch, so I found this handy guide online.

Little Brown Bird

House Finch Sketch

I’ve noticed that I’ve not been sketching as much lately, so I’ve decided to start posting a sketch a week on Wednesdays. I got watercolors for Christmas, so now I’ll be switching back and forth from the watercolor pencils and straight watercolors.

I figured that I would mark the change with the most common bird in my backyard, a House Finch.

Supplies used: Sakura Micron Ink PensPrismacolor Watercolor Pencils , Canson Watercolor Paper Pad