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Mystery bird

Saw this interesting bird on a walk around my neighborhood yesterday. At first I thought it was a juvenile Grackle, but then I saw it better in the light and realized the color seemed off. I haven’t really seen many juvenile grackles, so I thought that maybe they are this lighter color when they are immature. However, after doing some research I realize that some species of grackle are a medium brown color when young but never this light.

Then I thought, perhaps it’s a young Mockingbird based on the size and overall color (gray, white patch on wing). If you look closely at the beak though, this bird’s beak is much larger than a Mockingbird.

I couldn’t find any others that were this size and shape that have yellow eyes in our area. If anyone has any thoughts as to what this might be, please let me know!

EDIT: It’s been pointed out to me that this is a really scruffy and sad looking Mockingbird with feathers missing from it’s face. That’s why I thought that it wasn’t a mockingbird because the beak looked longer, but it’s because the feathers that would block part of it’s face are missing. Thanks for your help everyone!

Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird I caught this little mystery finch on my fence the other day. I assume it’s a House Finch because of the curve in the upper mandible of the beak, but the color has thrown me off a little bit. Normally, with House Finches there is streaking on the breast area. If you notice on the belly there does appear to be some streaking, but not nearly what you would usually see on a House Finch. There is also no streaking on the face either.

After posting on Reddit about my other mystery bird, I’m thinking that this bird might also be a partly leucistic? That would explain the coloring a little bit. I’m unsure if leucism would explain why there isn’t brown on the breast/belly but there is brown on the tail feathers. I think it’s odd that it’s not completely devoid of brown.

I’m unsure of what is going on with the pink and orange staining that is going on on the front of the bird. Perhaps, it’s just dirt or juice from something else? It doesn’t appear to be the actual feather coloring, although it does appear to be the most natural around the face but that would be the area that would probably get stained the most.

I would love anyone’s feedback/thoughts/suggestions.


Mystery Bird

Here is a close up of the little guy.

Mystery Bird

Yesterday, I heard a weird bird call coming from my neighbor’s yard. When I looked on their roof, I caught a brief glimpse of this little guy. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is!

Mystery Bird

I only managed to take two photos before it flew away, so this is the only reference that I have to go off of. It was around noon, the bird was facing west but there was a slight wind blowing it from my direction so the feathers were moving a little in the breeze.

If you look close at the chest, you can see the breeze is allowing you to see that the feathers are darker the closer it gets to the actual bird.

Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird Breakdown

My best guess is a juvenile Rock Wren but the coloring doesn’t seem right although the overall shape seems correct. The dark patches on the chest and the lack of much facial markings is throwing me for a loop. I originally thought thought maybe a juvenile Cactus Wren, but the head lacks that really distinctive color contrast between white and brown.

Any guesses anyone? I would love to figure out what it is because it’s driving me bonkers. Please leave a comment below!