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Aerial dance

Allens Rufous Hummingbirds Watercolor

I finally managed to order a nice scanner, so now I can post some of the nicer watercolors that I have done. I’m happy to start showing them off instead of just my little sketches.

Anyone who spends a lot of time watching hummingbirds knows that they are constantly battling it out for territory. It really seems like a dance to me because they never seem to actually touch each other. They just do their aerial ballet for control over the feeders.

I tried to keep the watercolors really loose so that way it would give more of that feeling of watching them since they seem to just be blurs of color in the sky. Hope you enjoy!

Supplies used: Sakura Micron Ink Pens, Short Handled Brush Set, Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color Set, Epson Perfection V600 Scanner, Canson Watercolor Paper Pad

King of the Forest

Allen's Hummingbird
A little Allen’s trying to show off to all the other birds and tell them who’s boss. Unfortunately, no matter how much spunk this little guy has, I don’t think any of the other birds are paying attention.

This was taken during BVAS January bird count.