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We’re Golden?!?

There was an abundance of Pacific Golden Plover all over the area we were staying. If you’ve ever seen one stateside, this is not what you are used to it looking like. It’s winter coat is very different than it’s plumage for the rest of the year.

I’ve been going back and forth comparing these photos to the Black-bellied Plover since they are SO similar in their nonbreeding plumage. I can’t seem to find any good distinguishing marks between the two other than the black-bellies have a white stripe on their wings during flight, but obviously that doesn’t help with these photos. Let me know if some of these are labeled wrong. Thanks!

Oregon Birding

I just realized that I created this post for my trip to Oregon, but forgot to schedule it to be published. Sorry for the delay, here it is!

Fort Stevens State Park (Hammond, OR)

Crater Lake