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Fast Food

Song Sparrow

Watching birds eat from my new feeder reminds me of people eating at a drive thru. They fly up to the little perch, grab a wad of Bark Butter, and fly off. I’m becoming the neighborhood bird McDonalds.

This little guy is a Song Sparrow. Here is a link showing how to tell the difference between a Lincoln’s Sparrow and a Song Sparrow.

Spikes and feathers

Lesser Goldfinch

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these trees that have tiny seed pods that look like little maces or not, but they were my favorite tree as a kid. I remember we would throw them at each other and they would stick to absolutely everything… your shirt, your backpack, your hair, anything. Everytime I see one, they make me smile.

I didn’t bother until now to look up to see what kind of tree makes these little seed pods. Apparently, it’s a Sweetgum Tree. Who knew?

Looks like this Lesser Goldfinch is enjoying the seed pods as much as I do!