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Rock Wren

Now that I’ve been putting out mealworms in my yard, I’ve been getting some Rock Wrens hopping around. I was putting the worms into a little hanging dish, but I wasn’t getting many takers. I started sprinkling the mealworms around in the mulch and they disappear quickly. I also now have a fat lizard hanging out in the yard who is probably excited about the new location of the mealworms too.

I feel once I started putting the mealworms in the raised beds, I’ve seen an increase in both Rock Wrens and Northern Mockingbirds. So, as much as I hate the mealworms, they do seem to be bringing more birds to my yard.

Rock Wren

Rock Wren | Birding Ninja




When you look at most “bird photography” they are just unaltered photographs of birds in the wild. Most images are birds sitting on branches staring off to the right or left so you get a good profile.

I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to use the photography that I’m managing to take. I don’t have a super fancy camera so I can’t do crazy things like double or super long exposures. Also, since birds move so quickly it’s difficult to be super fancy when taking photos. It’s hard enough to just get a shot of a bird in focus!

So, I’ve been pulling some of my shots into Photoshop trying to come up with cool filters, blurs, and actions to apply to my work. I’m trying to see what you can do in post to enhance a photograph.

My favorite local San Diego photographer is Nicole Boramanand of BeachRadish Images. I love her uniquely stylized photography and although I don’t think that I would be able to replicate many of her techniques, I’m being inspired by her work. I’m trying to duplicate the mood is creates in her work.

What do you think?