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Where’s the Noms?

Female Lesser Goldfinch

A female Lesser Goldfinch giving me the stinkeye. The goldfinches are eating me out of house and home lately. I’ve had to cut back how often I put out seed because I have to refill my feeder every other day at this point! It’s causing a mess in the yard… and all of this after my goal of getting rid of birdseed in the first place! Alas… the birds know my soft spot and exploit it!

Whatcha You Lookin’ At?

Female Lesser Goldfinch

I put up some branches in my backyard in the hopes that the birds would land on them so I would get better photos. So far, it’s been pretty awesome. The birds seem to prefer it over hanging out on my metal fence and I get better shots of them. Everyone’s happy!

Eat and Run

Male Common Yellowthroat

I’ve been trying for multiple seasons to get a good shot of a male Common Yellowthroat and I finally managed to get multiple shots in one sitting at the San Diego Botanic Garden! This is my favorite because you can really see the colors on the face.

These little guys never stop moving! It’s like trying to get a shot of a Bushtit, they move around SO much! This one has part of a moth wing and some bark in its mouth heading back to its nest.

Common Tropical

Female Yellow Throat

A female Common Yellowthroat hanging out on a palm tree leaf. I have to admit, one of my favorite things about living in Southern California is the fact that palm trees are everywhere. They are as ‘common’ as this little yellow throat!