About the Artist

meI’m an award-winning graphic/web designer by day and an artist by night. Since I’m both a birder and an artist, I’m combining my two passions by using the various birds I find on my San Diego birding adventures as the subjects of my artwork.


Having worked alongside some of top artists and animators at Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, I find my personal esthetic influenced by various animation styles. I’m fascinated by movement so I attempt to capture the unique energy and speed of each bird species in my work.

Birding Ninja Icon LargeSince I’m a graphic designer by training, I find those influences come through in my work. Animation and graphic design both attempt to impart the essence of the subject matter while removing all extraneous information that is unnecessary to get your point across. I find myself constantly analyzing my work trying to find what I can remove to make the statement I’m making even bolder.

I like energic, uncomplicated images that are immediately striking. I don’t want the subject to ever be lost, so I focus on simplifying my work as much as possible. I’m currently exploring how few strokes and colors it takes to express my subject.


This blog is an exploration of my adventures in both birding and in art. My ultimate goal is to share the joy I find in birding and through my art with others. I always love feedback and comments, so please let me know what you think of my work and adventures!