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Pigeons clinging to a retrofitted gaslamp in Dubrovnik. This scene looks like it could have been from the 1800s.

That wall was actually built in the 16th century and although that doesn’t make it quite “ancient” it does give a sense of timelessness.



So as the name implies, Eurasian Collared-doves aren’t native to San Diego (or the Americas) but they have done really well here. They are very similar in appearance to Mourning Doves except that they have a black band around the back of their necks. This band reminds me of a priest for reasons I can’t really explain. Maybe it’s because I like to think of all of the other birds attending mass in the trees somewhere.

Light in the Darkness

Gray Jay

I took this shot while a group of clouds rolled in. The next day it would pour rain while we looked for wolves in the distance.

The Gray Jay’s white feathers stood out among all of the dark soil, wood, and pine needles. They were little balls of light flitting in and out of the growing darkness.

Youth and Age

Gray Jay

I love old trees.

They represent life and age and rebirth. Nothing in nature is wasted.

This tree used to give shelter, food and protection to all sorts of birds. Now it gives this little bird something to perch on while it begs for my lunch.

Soon this tree will give shelter, food, and protection to all sorts of bugs and fungi. Then it will give life to other little baby trees and the cycle will continue.

It’s really beautiful.


Gray Jay

This Gray Jay looks like she’s a regal royal staring down at her subjects with her long gray cape flowing behind her.

(In reality, a man was eating another Gray Jay and this one swooped in from behind and grabbed the cheetos out of his hand. This was the shot a split section before… she’s really plotting a sneak attack).