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When Life Hands You Lemons

Lesser Goldfinch

This little Lesser Goldfinch was chirping up a storm in this lemon tree. I thought it was so beautiful that the bright green tree was full of yellow lemons and goldfinches and I desperately tried to get a shot with the lemons in the background… but all I could get was that one little tiny lemon edge on the left.


Black-hooded Oriole

Well, looks like all the orioles have moved on. I found this one photo that I hadn’t posted yet, so I thought it could be a tribute to the oriole season being over. As much fun as they have been I’m not sad to see them go. They’ve been going through my nectar so fast and they also scare away all my hummingbirds. I’m hoping that they hummers will return now that all the oriole teenagers are gone.

A Feather Out of Place

Female Hooded Oriole

I don’t know why, but all I can see when I look at this photo is that one little feather on the back of the head puffed out. Reminds me when you see an image of the back of your head and your hair doesn’t look like you thought that it would.

Beauty Shot

Female Hooded Oriole

For some reason, this shot managed to have a wonderful halo effect in the background. Looks like I instagramed it, but it happened all on it’s own.

I’ve gotten about 6 juvenile Hooded Orioles downing three feeders every other day at this point. Teenagers, am I right?!?