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Black-hooded Oriole

Well, looks like all the orioles have moved on. I found this one photo that I hadn’t posted yet, so I thought it could be a tribute to the oriole season being over. As much fun as they have been I’m not sad to see them go. They’ve been going through my nectar so fast and they also scare away all my hummingbirds. I’m hoping that they hummers will return now that all the oriole teenagers are gone.

I See You!

Male Breeding Hooded Oriole

My new hummingbird feeder has been a huge success! I’m getting a consistent seven different orioles a day. The hummers have basically abandoned my WBU feeder and exclusively fight over this one.

The orioles still freak out when they see me through the window. I managed to snap a pic of this one before he flew away.


Non-breeding Male Hooded Oriole

In addition to the Costa’s Hummingbird, I’m now getting Hooded Orioles at my new feeder. At this point, I’m getting about six different orioles at my feeder. So many that the feeder is running out after a few days!

I’m really excited that the feeder is working out so well. I’ve tried multiple different things to get orioles and this is the only one that’s really worked. Here is the feeder in case you’re interested:  First Nature 3051 Hummingbird Feeder, 16-Ounce