Types of Art

I’m currently experimenting with different types of art. Currently, here are the ones that I’m working with for my San Diego birds:

Photography – I’m currently using a Nikon CoolPix P600 to shoot photographs of local birds. I’m really enjoying using the camera and would totally recommend it to non-serious photographers who love birds.

Watercolor Pencil and Ink – I like the precision of the watercolor pencil and find it works really well for sketching while traveling.

Watercolor and Ink – This is my newest form of art. I started out with watercolor pencil, but decided to see how watercolors work for me.

Stylized Photography – Also known as “I used Photoshop to make this look cooler.”

Vector – I haven’t found this medium to work well for me yet, but I still keep trying. I used Adobe Illustrator to make my bird vectors.

Pencil Sketch – Sometimes things just look better when you stop at the pencil stage.


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