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Black Phoebe

I shot this Black Phoebe during the BVAS February Bird Count when the clouds parted for just a split second and the birds came out. I managed to get this one shot and it flew off to go grab some grub before it started to rain. I just really love the highlights of the sun on the very black matte wings of the Phoebe. I feel like most black birds in the area have more iridescent feathers so highlights like these are abnormal here.

Point Loma

I’ve heard that Point Loma is THE place to see migrating birds in San Diego in the fall, so I thought that I should check it out. October is supposed to be the best time of year, so I thought it would be good to check it out and find the best places to see birds before the huge rush happens. That way when I go back, I won’t waste my time looking in the wrong places.

Point Loma is a navy base in Southern San Diego that is open to the public and contains both the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery and the Cabrillo National Monument (operated by the National Park Service). We checked out both and we saw quite a few birds. Here are the highlights:

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Cabrillo National Momument Tidepools